Derry Girls Season 3: Release Date , Cast, Plot And More!

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Derry Girls is a Northern Irish comedy. The television series is all set to come up with Derry Girls season 3. The story is set in the 90s inside a small town in Northern Ireland. The comedy is not the usual comedy that we see but relatively darker. It revolves around the lives of a group of adolescents and their families. The story is quite refreshing, and every character has their contribution to making it unique. We can expect to see all the pretty ladies and young English fellas coming back. So here is everything you need to know about the series.

Derry Girls Season 3 Release Date

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Derry Girls 3"
Derry Girls season 3. Image Source: Google

Hat Trick productions are the maker of this British sitcom. Lisa McGee is the creator and composer. The first season came up in January 2014, and it appears on channel 4. The second season came up in March 2019. However, Netflix did not release the second season in the Uk. So fans are hopeful that the second season can come up with the third. Derry Girls season 3 can arrive by 2020. However, there are no official statements regarding the release date just yet.


Rich search results on Google when searched for "Derry Girls"
The Netflix show is coming back with its third season. Image Source: Deadline

We can see most of the cast members returning to the screen. This includes Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays Erin Quinn. She is ambitious and passionate. However, she is also sometimes vain, and other people’s opinion concerns her. She is the queen of sarcasm, and her dark humor often lands her in trouble.

We will also see Louisa Harland, who plays Orla McCool. She is the maternal cousin of Erin. She is the quiet one, and she is not bothered by other people’s opinions. Nicola Coughlan, who plays Claire Devlin, will also return. She is a rational one. The wild child Jamie Le O’Donnell will also reprise his role as Michelle Mallon.

Other characters like Kathy Kiera Clarke, who plays Aunt Sarah and Dylan Llewellyn, who plays James Maguire, will be back. Tara Lynne O’ Neill, who plays Mary and several others, will make their return to the third season.

Derry Girls Season 3 Plot

The story revolves around a bunch of adolescents. This young group puts all their interests in exploring their youth after the Troubles sen in Derry. Erin and her family stay with their maternal side. James is the cousin of Michelle. Cathy, his mother, moved out of Derry to get an abortion but ended up in giving birth to him. The plot will hopefully continue from where it left. Fans will be eagerly waiting to see Erin crushing on James yet again.

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