Warzone Season 5: Patch Notes, Release Date, Roadmap And Much More!!

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Warzone and Modern Warfare is almost here with season 5. The story will continue to evolve within Verdansk. There has been confirmation that Warzone season 5 will have four new maps. They will all be multiplayer maps. There will also be a classic COD1 map in Suldal Harbor. Apart from this, we will also see a big update on the map. We will finally see the stadium opening, and there will also be a moving train. There are several other updates about season 5, and in this article, we will take you through all of that. Keep reading to find out more.

Warzone Season 5 Patch Notes

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Call OF Duty: Warzone. Image Source: GamesRadar

Warzone season 5 comes with several fixes, and here is the playlist update. We will see:

BR Trios, BR Duos, BR Quads, BR Solos Buy Back, Mini Royal Trios, and Blood Money Quads.

There are also some general fixes. We will see a new addition of weapon inspect. There have been fixes on the screen tearing issue. Several bug fixes, including the “Headshots Only and “Too Many Vehicles, Refunding Killstreak.” There have been preservations made for restricting power rounds on dropped weapons. Rytec AMR default scope option issue is fixed as well. Now it can be customized.

There are specific fixes in warzone season 5 as well. This includes new loot items; the damage range for FR 5.56 is increased and effective. There is also an increase in the damage range of semi-auto Sniper Rifles and semi-auto DMR. We can also see several bug fixes such as the “Airstrike,” “Heartbeat Senso”, “Alive In Gas,” and many more. There has also been an addition of VO lines to warn the players about enemy drones nearing them.

Warzone Season 5 Release Date

Season 5 of Warzone will go live on August 5, 2020. It will start from 11 PM PT/7 AM BST. This is as per the expiring timer of the battle pass. However, due to the global pandemic situation, the release of COD might change. But, major updates regarding COD will arrive on Wednesday at 7 AM. So we will know if there are any changes at all.


Rich search results on Google when searched for "Warzone season 5"
Warzone Roadmaps. image Source: YouTube

The maps of season 5 is a mixture of both new and existing maps. The new maps include Suldal Harbor (6v6), Livestock (Gunfight), Petrol Oil Rog (6v6), and Verdansk International Airport (Ground War). The existing maps include Offshore, Village, Borderline, Takedown, Faridah. We will also see Hairat, Oasis, Ravine, Garden, Military Base 2, Fallout, and so much more. However, there are 60 maps under production currently. Whether they will make it to the finale or not is not known yet. We will have to wait for all other news updates.

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