“Splinter Cell” The Animated Series Is Exclusive On Netflix, All Updates!

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The video game Splinter Cell is coming up with an animated version of its own. Netflix, along with Ubisoft, is bringing this venture. John Wick writer Derek Kolstad is going to be the executive producer and writer for this show. As per the reports, the series should be running for two seasons with 16 episodes each. There are, however, no specific information regarding the show. But here is everything we know about it. Keep reading to find out more.

Splinter Cell, The Game

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Splinter Cell"
Splinter Cell. Image Source: IGN India

The first-ever Splinter Cell game came out in 2002. There was much acclamation by the critics, and the sale was also massive. The game revolves around Sam Fisher. He was a part of the US Navy SEAL. After this, he found his recruitment with the NSA. He then gets involved in the mysteries of the Third Echelon. It is a division inside the agency. The game was pretty ahead in dynamics and mechanics, and it is still competing with modern-day games.

The games see Fisher dealing with several missions employing military tactics and stealth. Ever since the release, the game came out with six seasons. It also has a novel series under its name. However, the film was under construction for ages now, and we finally see a ray of hope. Back in 2012, Tom Hardy was going to play Fischer. But this project is no longer under consideration.

Splinter Cell On Netflix

Rich search results when searched for "Splinter Cell"
Tom Clancy’s video game is coming on Netflix. Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Netflix is all ready to come up with an adaptation of the video game. However, a film might not be exactly what the fans were waiting for. Splinter Cell coming as an animation series follows huge bets by gaming franchises. These include The Witcher and Castlevania, the animated one. However, The Witcher creator mentions that the adaptation was based on a book and not a game.

The production phase for the show is currently on hold. This is due to the global coronavirus pandemic. The current situation disrupts several projects and affects the entire entertainment industry. There are several movie titles along with Splinter Cell that is currently on hold.

Release Date

There is no official confirmation about the release date for the show. However, we can expect the productions to begin as soon as everything gets normal. Animated series also does not take too much time for productions. This is because the filming part is spared, and it is only the voice recordings. Keeping this in mind, we can expect Splinter Cell to release on Netflix by fall the next year.

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