Family Guy Season 19: Release Date, Cast, and Plotline!

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An American animated comedy “Family Guy” Season 19 is one of the most-loved cartoon series and the most popular one in the world of memes too. Created Seth MacFarlane for Fox Broadcasting Company, and is produced Fuzzy Door Productions and the 20th Century Fox Television, the anime show has a strong and huge fan base. The fantastic and unique representation of the American culture won hearts and made the show popular among everyone. The show highlights the major cultural defaults in a light-hearted way, and that is what makes it what it is today.

It is one of the longest-running animation sitcoms on Fox. And, it is back with its 19th season. Great news for all the fans out there, we are here with all the exciting information you need to know about the upcoming season of the show. Let’s take a quick look at all of them.

Family Guy Season 19: When is the release going to happen?

Family Guy Season 19

The show has not stopped streaming since 1999, and we saw the 18th season of the show on 29th September 2019, and it ended on 17th May 2020, and it was premiered on Fox. Since then, we are waiting for the updates regarding the 19th season.

If we follow the traditional schedule of the anime show, then we might see it most probably in September – October of 2020. And, the good news is that the release date has been announced, and it is on 7th September 2020. Just one month wait, and we would be there.

Family Guy Season 19: What about the cast?

The main characters voices will be given by:

  • Peter Griffin – Seth MacFarlane
  • Lois Griffin – Alex Borstein
  • Meg Griffin – Mila Kunis
  • Chris Griffin – Seth Green
  • Stewin Griffin – Seth MacFarlane
  • Kevin Spacey (New Entry)
  • Kevin Bacon (New Entry)
  • The Joker
  • Clyde Anderson (New Entry)
  • Nick Lloyd (New Entry)
  • Sideshow Bob

Family Guy Season 19: What will be the story?

The show “Family Guy” is infamous for taking a point on the dark and controversial stuff that has recently happened in the contemporary world. We might see the family guy making jokes about the entire COVID-19 situation all over the world, and also pointing out the failure of the government in handling the situation.

This time also we might see the same dark humor, but it is going to be always interesting and exciting. Plus, meaningful too.

Stay Tuned for further updates!

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