Donald Trump wants US Treasury to get cut out of Tik-Tok Deal

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We all are aware of the entertainment app “Tik-Tok” and we also know that it has been banned in India. Maybe, now it is going to be banned in the United States too. We never know. “Tik-Tok” is a Chinese app owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company. It is facing troubles from all sides and is getting accused of sharing personal data of its users to the Chinese government. The United States is making a strong claim, too, and President Donald Trump is all in force.

What did exactly happen?

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Last week, Trump threatened to ban the app altogether, then the next day, he appeared to be a bit soft cornered and allowed the sale of Tik-Tok’s US business to a US bidder. On Sunday, Microsoft confirmed that it was involved in the talks about acquiring that Tik-Tok business and that CEO Satya Nadella has directly spoken with Trump over this matter.

“I suggested that he can go ahead with it, he can try. We set a date; I will set a date of around September 15, at which point it’s going to be out of business in the United States. But if somebody, whether it’s Microsoft or someone else, buys it, that will be interesting,” this was said by Trump to Nadella on Monday.  He added “I did say that if you buy it, whatever the price is that goes to whoever owns it, because I guess it’s China, essentially, but more than anything else, I said a very substantial portion of that price is going to come into the Treasury of the United States because we are making it possible for this deal to be formed,” said Trump.

What is going to happen next?

In an editorial of The China Daily, which is owned by the Communist Party of China’s publicity department wrote that “China will by no means accept the ‘theft’ of a Chinese technology company, and it has plenty of ways to respond if the administration carries its planned smash and grab.”

In a press meeting on Monday, the president briefed that why the large part of the bread should come into the United States, and he did this by making a comparison of a tenant paying a landlord. When he was asked whether the money should come from the purchaser or ByteDance, his answer was indirect and a bit unclear.

He said, “Whether it’s Microsoft or somebody else, or if it’s the Chinese what the price is, the United States should get a substantial percentage of that price because we are making it possible.”

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