Toppling competition with digital marketing: Prakash Dattatray Gadhave

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“Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” — Peter Drucker

Digital marketing is one of the sharpest tools in a marketer’s arsenal that can drive revenue through the roof if implemented correctly. The main problem is that very few can master the essence of digital marketing and view consumers as profit-driving entities. Prakash Dattatray Gadhave isn’t myopic like a ton of digital marketers out there and believes in forging relationships and providing value to the consumer. His atypical approach is the reason behind his overwhelming success with each client and brand that he works with.

Prakash Dattatray Gadhave holds a firm command over digital marketing but wasn’t aware of the industry a decade back. His curiosity about the internet and his observations on how the internet was slowly being used as a tool to market products better drove him to the digital marketing realm. After he graduated from a reputed university in Mumbai, he began exploring the caveats of digital marketing and how monetization worked on different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. He started small with newfound businesses and startups and helped them combat completion while convincing audiences to try their products. Slowly, he moved to bigger brands and completed his certifications as a Facebook Instant Articles Expert and Facebook Ad-Break, both of which are pivotal to growing and monetizing a brand on Facebook. He gradually built his expertise and was able to create a competent source of income as well as engagement for his clients on Facebook. Prakash Dattatray Gadhave started with a meager salary but now earns more than 10 lakhs a month due to his specialization in Facebook services.

Prakash Dattatray Gadhave perceived the boom of digital marketing at an early age and knew that the market would soon be flooded with competitors. Digital marketing would become the most sought tool to drive sales and build a connection with the audience. This was the reason why he ventured into the field of digital marketing, as it showed the possibility of publicizing and growing brands digitally. He is now content with the choice that he made a few years back and is currently working to expand his brand on a global scale. He is also nurturing young marketers to understand the idea of digital marketing and become reliable strategists who can grow a brand.

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