Restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda discusses how mega events in Dubai are promoting hospitality and F&B

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Over the last few decades, the UAE has emerged as a gastronomical hub for the world. Dubai, in particular, is home to some of the best restaurant concepts in the world headed by well-known international chefs. The hospitality and F&B sectors in the emirates are thriving in the post-Covid world through innovative business models and sustainable measures.

As the UAE opens itself to the world, the line-up of several mega-events continues to entice global visitors to the emirates. According to prominent restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda, these events form a golden opportunity for hospitality and related sectors to beat down the pandemic blues and register growth.

“The UAE has already been the host to two major cricket events – the Indian Premier League and the T20 World Cup. Both these events proved highly profitable for restaurant businesses. As a restaurateur, I expect a similar footfall during other mega-events like the Dubai Expo 2020 and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix,” says Sanjeev Nanda.

He continues, “The improved inflow of tourists brought about by such events is of great importance to the hospitality and F&B businesses, more so since several of them are still in the recovery mode after the pandemic. And that’s not it. The interest of business owners in these events due to the prospective footfall gets them to invest in marketing, which in turn gets the revenue cycle going.”

Restaurants in the UAE are gearing up for the upcoming big events by modifying the menus. The reason behind the change in menus is the consistent long-term food trends and increasing demand for sustainable and healthy food options. But there are several other aspects associated with these events as well.

The situation also comes with several perks to other stakeholders as well. The imminent rise in footfall also means a rise in employment opportunities for those who wish to join the hospitality sector. “The rise in footfall means the need for more hands-on the table. This, in turn, opens up new job opportunities in various sectors,” says Sanjeev Nanda.

He adds, “However, this is no easy task for businesses, whether they belong to hospitality or any other sector. We need to be mindful of the specific skills that the employees must possess. At a time when the industry requires more people joining, speeding up the hiring process while ensuring good hires is a bit tricky.”

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