Navneet Kalra’s guide to creating a restaurant’s perfect online menu

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If there’s been one key takeaway from the pandemic crisis for the restaurant industry, it has been to go digital. As several businesses were forced to shut the doors on dine-in customers, the unusual situation paved way for online food delivery to take the centre stage. Although the health regulations have eased down now, many customers still prefer to order online from their favorite restaurants.

While many businesses have thrived during this shift of preferences, some continue to struggle. There could be several factors at play, such as location, reputation, and cuisine, but an often-ignored reason may be the menu. Prominent Delhi-based restaurateur Navneet Kalra believes that more often than not, it is the online menu that fails to entice the customers, resulting in low revenue. He also shares some useful tips on creating the perfect online menu for your restaurant. Read on:

A mere matter of words

Quite often, restaurants end up having a silly typing mistake or grammatical error on their menu. While in the physical world it might not matter much, but the online world doesn’t forgive sloppiness. “While ordering online, the entire focus of a customer is on the items that you have mentioned on the menu. They cannot get busy enjoying the vibe of your restaurant, nor can they take a glimpse of the food on adjacent tables to form their decision. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure that your online menu is error-free,” the Khan Chacha owner says.

It’s personal

One of the many things people love about dining at a restaurant is the way they can request for personalization in their food. Many times, online menus do not offer customers such liberty. “Every customer has a different taste. In our offline operations, we can easily cater to all their whims and fancies. Making sure that the customers get a similar experience even if they are ordering from home could be a real game-changer for your business,” says Navneet Kalra.

Keeping the spark alive

Any restaurant menu comprises various dishes. While some restaurants keep completely overhauling their menus, others stick to their good old offerings. But which approach ensures customer loyalty? According to Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra, one needs to balance both. “You can choose to keep your signature dishes permanent on the menu but offering your customers something new every once in a while can do wonders. Try adding a daily or weekly special and you will surely feel the change,” he says.

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