DC’s Wonder Woman goes Desi!

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Ever imagined that happening? Our artists and creators did and brought their own version of Indian Wonder Woman to life!

To encourage Indian viewers to witness the telecast of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ in all its glory, Movies Now held a fan art contest on social media – the #IndianWonderWoman contest.

The crux of this contest was for artists to depict an Indian version of Wonder Woman. This exciting contest did come bearing with a chance to win prizes and getting featured on Movies Now’s Instagram page. Many fans and artists went gaga over this exciting contest and brought to life their own versions of what an Indian Wonder Woman would look like!

They received many amazing entries for the #IndianWonderWoman contest.

“WW (Wonder Woman) is a part time super hero juggling her time fighting crime fiercely and managing her social circle with equal rigor.” said Harsh Pandya on his depiction of Indian Wonder Woman, as a homemaker who juggles major responsibilities of a typical hoursehold. He also said, “Women are far more capable of handling multiple aspects of a family along with their personal lives and goals. It isn’t surprising they are the real Wonder Women.” [Source: Instagram]


Another participant, Nitu Dubey (@hue_wing) said, “Our Indian Women can juggle the fight between good & evil while managing their households on the side. That’s our superhero, Indian Wonder Woman.” [Source: Instagram]


Also, DC’s ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will be telecasted on Movies Now, MNX and Movies Now Plus this Sunday, 31st October 2021 – 1:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m. IST. Don’t forget to watch it!

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