Mukesh Tandi: Shaping future of young minds to bring influential societal changes

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Education plays a crucial role in shaping mindsets, nurturing young minds, and bringing positive change in society to provide equal rights and shape the future of the country. Education also enables one to highlight societal issues of communities that are inclusive and equitable. But the biggest challenge is the urban-rural dichotomy and unequal access that prevent students from enhanced productivity and development.

In order for rural youth to shape their career and build their future, they need to receive appropriate information and education. While this is true in developed and developing countries alike, it is of particular concern in the latter, where young rural inhabitants may lack access to even the most rudimentary formal education and where educational institutions are often less developed. As a result, Mukesh Tandi has come up as a ray of hope for these innumerable young students to channelize their interest and build a future for themselves by helping them with the right schooling and adequate career facilities.

Additionally, he has established a high-tech library in the rural skirts of Rajasthan called Pundlota to help millions of underprivileged children in getting the right schooling. Mukesh believes that while technology has undertaken the traditional learning methods, making these children acquainted with old traditional concepts and theories have become more important and relevant. His library has all the basic amenities and modern infrastructure to meet each and every prerequisite of students.

His goal is to make sure there is a hike in the literacy rate of his area, state, and the country as a whole. He says that lack of basic education will diminish the quality of citizens in the country. It will eventually lead to destitution and unemployment. When you are deficient in knowledge, likely, you will not be a preferred candidate in workstations. The high-tech library not only provides the students with collections of books of various genres, but it also gives them easy access to the Internet world. Now, they have the opportunity to look up information on the Internet. In a way, they are being prepared for the outside world. Children who could not even go to school have access to the global platform.

A true visionary politician with a larger vision, Mukesh is setting an example for the upcoming generation to work on similar beliefs and contribute their best to serve humanity and eradicate poverty and bring global fame and development to the nation.


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