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Today we will talk about the personality for whom success was never easy. His full name is Neeraj Dhantewal coming from a middle-class background and government schooling without much trust in life, as what it may show to him very next moment has now climbed the stairs of success.

It did not happen overnight says Mr.Dhanetwal. It took him a lot of failure, breakdown, obstacles but with strong willpower and patience he did it all, crossing the hurdles of his life now, he stands on a platform where there is no looking back for him. A place where he deserves to be.

‘’Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell’’-Neeraj Dhanetwal

In the year 2010 at a very tender age entered the field of computer science with no knowledge but curiosity and willingness to know things. Along with his studies, he decided to enter this field as a coder as coding captured all of his attention. As a coder, he began exploring the core of Digital marketing and coding and got the credit of a Digital marketer. Exploring made it impossible, possible for him and curiosity helped it happen. He made web pages on Facebook little by little he explore more and more and then Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and all the social media sites possible. This entrepreneur then got a little fame but this is not all he wanted as he believed in the faith sky should not be the limit, he was unstoppable, he launched his web pages and his sites a few years later after that and wonders do happen as more and more of the audience got attracted towards his field and work. This perfectionist knows now what he is made for. He has always claimed his journey to be never-ending and believes in conquering, his passion to hit perfection forever.

Passion never faded in me, not even in drawbacks. They seemed to be in my nerves” says this famed creator – Neeraj Dhanetwal

He is much recognized for attracting his audience with his perfect work. A true perfectionist in the sense. Have millions and millions of followers who adore him is another way of expressing his success. For him, peace is his work towards his field by this he reflects that one should follow their interest because in it, is what their happiness and peace will lie. A true example of what will make you is what you should do. Be the person of your dreams. Without dreams, there is no point in life to be.

“Why sky should be your limit when you have entire space” – Neeraj Dhanetwal

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