Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur are Redefining the Digital Market

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The world has been taken over by the digital storm. Online presence has become an important aspect of any business. People have understood that Internet has become more than just a mode of connection and communication among different nations. A lot is happening behind the screen of the Internet. Many have recognised how useful this tool can be if utilized properly. Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur are among those who knew that sooner or later, the Internet will become a source of living for many.

The couple does Digital Marketing by promoting businesses and individuals. They work on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They have an audience of more than 15 million with all the platforms combined. They earn a good income by working on these platforms. They are passionate and dedicated to what they do. They claim to be able to work for more than 12 hours when they are in their work mode. The factor that unites them is that they do not need to have meaningless conversations to keep their bond going. They can be working the whole day and still be at peace with each other, and this quality of theirs makes them different from others. The couple is consistent and persistent with their work. They want to do their best in what they are good at and help others grow in their respective fields.

Dilbag often says that Digital Marketing is not a decision taken at the whim of circumstances. He has always been interested in this field. During his college days, he was more indulged in Social Media than his education. Initially, he started it as a side hustle; however, his business picked up so quickly that he did not even have time for his studies. Moreover, with his business doing well, Dilbag had to take a tough decision of whether he wanted to focus on his studies or business. Many advised him to focus on his studies. However, on the contrary, Dilbag took the tough decision of discontinuing his studies and pursue Digital Marketing as a full-time profession. In 2020, while the whole world was panicking due to the pandemic, Dilbag diligently kept on working and achieved success. Lovepreet met Dilbag through social media. She was studying M.C.A. when she joined Dilbag. She says that she loves computers and is satisfied with things that have turned out. She started helping him out with his work and soon became a great support.

Lovepreet Kaur and Dilbag Singh have a massive Social Media following on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Most of their audiences are from Punjab and Canada. It is a well-known fact that Canada is a home for many Punjabi people. Hence, it is no shock that they have many supporters from Canada. In addition, Businesspeople, Influences, Politicians, etc., rely on them for Digital promotions. They have helped many to start from scratch and reach heights in their businesses. They are proof that passion when combined with persistent hard work will pave your path to victory

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