Kidding Season 3: Is Its Renewed ? Cast, Plot and Release Date!

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Kidding is a psychological comedy-drama somewhat tragic too. This TV show was given a chance to be broadcasted on the Showtime as its concept appealed to the critics. But that was not the only thing. The show was unable to pursue or convince its audience to stick to it. For all the viewers, the show was not up to their expectations.  Not even to them who were familiar with the lead star of the show i.e., Jim Carrey and his signature style of slapstick comedy.   And, this was a kind of surprise and shock for the show’s producers as the actor has a massive fan base. The show was great if we only focus on its concept, but the idea is not everything for a show’s success.

Well, we are here to tell you everything about the show’s future.

Kidding Season 3: Is the show having a renewal?

Kidding season 3

Well, the show stands canceled for its third season; that means there won’t be any other episode of Kidding. Showtime has canceled the show due to its meager ratings.

The second season of the Kidding that premiered in February 2020 has a rating of 0.02 in the 18-19 demographic and 89,000 viewers. With this, the show became one of the lowest-rated scripted series of the cable channel.

Kidding Season 3: Who all are there in the show?

The cast of the show Kidding consisted of:

  • Jim Carrey as Jeff Piccirillo
  • Frank Langella as Sebastian Piccirillo
  • Judy Green as Jill Piccirillo
  • Cole Allen as William “Will” and Philip “Phil” Piccirillo
  • Juliet Morris as Maddy Perera
  • Catherine Keener as Deirdre “Didi” Perera
  • Justin Kirk as Peter

Kidding Season 3: What is the plotline of the show?

The show has a touching portrayal of grief and life in general, which is narrated through the eyes of a kid’s TV personality.

In season two, we got to know all the answers to the question that we’re left unanswered in season 1. We also see the characters going through many life-changing moments. While Will founds out about the magic, Seb goes senile. And, we saw Jeff and Jill confronting each other.

And, towards the end of the season, Seb finds love once again, and we see Jeff and Jill resolving their differences.  For the third season’s plot, there are no hints or revelations. As for now, the season three stands canceled. Well, rest everything lays in the future.

Stay tuned!

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