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“The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.” – Harry J. Johnson

Humans take their health for granted unless they land in serious trouble that compels them to think about their negligence. The human body requires nutrition in complex amounts to function properly, and the sorry state of the current diet and jarring work life isn’t able to fulfil the requirement. The result is an inefficient body physique that can barely handle any intense physical activity. As a result, you become slow and sluggish and shorten your lifespan without knowing about it. 

Now, supplements can provide you with the right amount of nutrition without measuring every morsel of food you take. But there are so many phoney supplement and nutrition companies serving supplements excessively laden with chemicals to increase volume. The primary concern with adulteration is that rather than improving your health, their supplements diminish it even further.

What is Prorganiq?

Prorganiq is one of the very few herbal nutraceutical brands to focus on building quality supplements dedicated to a healthy life devoid of useless fillers and harmful chemicals. This attempt at providing high-quality supplementation has sparked a nutraceutical revolution, with many brands gravitating towards the same industry. However, Prorganiq holds vast experience in the supplement industry and has covered all the bases before releasing the products for human consumption. 

Prorganiq is a natural supplementation brand that discards the chemical used to save some bucks while playing with consumers’ health. They believe in serving the utmost quality supplements, whether they don’t earn a massive profit margin from it. They are one of the few earnest brands that have captured a fair share of the market with their best-in-class products and equal attention to customer satisfaction. Prorganiq doesn’t make superficial claims about their products and tries to solve the most common yet untreatable health problems. 

Existing challenges in the supplement industry

Prorganiq shared a few challenges that they faced while creating a herbal line-up of supplements. The first daunting challenge is to procure ayurvedic elements and produce that doesn’t grow in everyday environments. Take, for example, Shilajit, a health supplement with various use cases that grow in the Himalayas’ foothills. Now procuring it in the natural form takes time and has to be handled carefully. Similarly, most of the ingredients for their supplements are sourced from nature. These ingredients are used in their raw form rather than processing by adding fillers.

The other major problem is raising awareness about herbal nutraceuticals that are opposite in effect compared to the chemical-laden supplements. It isn’t easy to establish trust, which is demolished by the synthetic supplement industry. But Prorganiq’s unwavering approach has helped establish a large consumer base that now understands the pivotal role of supplements in fulfilling inadequate nutrition. 


Prorganiq offers an expansive line-up of supplements that are dedicated to a specific user group. The most popular ones being 30 Day mega fat burner and the 24 in one mega superfood. Fat accumulation is a common problem among adults, which is now rising in children due to a sedentary lifestyle and zero attention towards physical activity. The 30-day mega fat burner helps you to suppress your hunger and stay satiated for a long time. It slowly works towards building a solid metabolism which contributes towards burning fat stored in the body. All of this is achieved without using any steroids or artificial flavouring to sweeten the supplements. Every useless addition is kept at bay while building a Prorganiq supplement.

Prorganiq has constructed its supplement line by observing the actual health woes prevalent in society. For example, receding hairline is a common problem in males, which is often ignored. The leading cause is the depleting Biotin levels that cause the hair to fall out and break apart easily. Biotin also maintains the natural sheen of the skin and nails this promoting the anti-ageing process. Prorganiq ‘s Biotin supplement can aid in replenishing the biotin levels without adding any undue strain to your diet. There are plenty of supplement options by Prorganiq that tackle a specific health issue, while a few of them focus on the body’s overall well-being.

Similarly, micronutrient levels are also low in most individuals, which an elemental diet cannot compensate. To solve this problem, Prorganiq has curated a dedicated line-up of both men’s and women’s supplements containing dedicated testosterone and estrogen-boosting components and fulfilling the daily quota of nutrients. Similarly, herbal products are available for sugar level reduction, anti-ageing, joint pain, constipation treatment, and much more. 

Is it a magic remedy?

As the name implies, supplements air you in achieving your health goals and removing persistent problems. However, simply consuming them will have a negligible impact rather than the magical wonder you may be expecting from them. Prorganiq doesn’t market its products as a magic pill to solve all your problems. Instead, they insist on maintaining an active lifestyle that includes exercise, a clean diet with a positive approach, along herbal supplements. 

While Prorganiq doesn’t promise herculean physical strength and conditioning with their supplements line-up, they offer a realistic approach to health. Elimination of steroid addition is one of the major factors which makes it safe for you to consume. 


Prorganiq has identified the significant problems and curated the supplement line-up by researching the health benefits of naturally occurring substances and moulding them into a consumable form. Their products have passed the fssai scrutiny with flying colours and bear no flaws that could cause more problems to your body. It is a rare occurrence to witness a brand work to better consumers rather than focus on piling up the profits. However, Prorganiq hasn’t stopped researching yet and continues to explore natural remedies for widespread health issues to expand its product line further. 

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No FoxExclusive author is involved in the creation of this content.

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