Anand Singh is revolutionizing conversations with PieSocket

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Digital growth is excessively reliant on digital marketing and the technology deployed to manage business operations. As the client interaction increases, the need for effective communication management comes into the spotlight. Anand Singh is a tech savant who is helping to improve interpersonal communication with his new product, PieSocket. PieSocket is becoming a hot favorite of large-scale businesses that are burdened with thousands of inquiries, e-mails, and replies each day. But this is not the very first successful venture by Anand Singh so far.

Anand Singh is a technology expert that slowly integrated digital marketing skills into his products. He is a Btech graduate with Computer science as a major who participated in many large-scale projects during his college years. Before beginning his ventures, Anand Singh was already at the pinnacle of a developer career with ample experience as a full-stack developer. His popular clients include WittyFeed, Viral9, Inner voice who are major league influencer platforms with millions in web traffic.

Anand Singh has an inclination for building SaaS products that help businesses solve real-world problems. He founded BetaCloud to help create software products that increase the working efficiency of his clients. He says, “Cloud computing is the future and websites are evolving as we speak. There is a lot happening in the background that doesn’t appear to the end-user. I designed PieSocket to improve the message and request tackling. PieSocket is a simple API that doesn’t inflict an undue load on the functionality of the website. It helps in collection, organisation and message processing so that the businesses can understand their consumers better. PieSocket is easily integrable in most applications without requiring any excessive change to the application. I’m happy with its performance and hope to build similar effective solutions for emerging brands.”

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