EU Antitrust Complaint Filed Against Apple’s App Store By Telegram

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Telegram the app for messaging files a complaint against Apple’s App Store. Telegram has now become the newest company to file an antitrust complaint formally. The complaint was made to the EU. Previously companies like Rakuten and Spotify also filed charges against Apple’s App Store.

They mention that the app store is an epitome of monopoly power. This means that the developers will have to accept and follow the terms and conditions of Apple. The complaint also states the developers need to pay 30 percent of their commission on in-app purchases.

The Official Complaint Against Apple App Store

Rich search results found on Google when searched for "Apple App Store"
Apple. Image Source: TechSpot

Telegram files a complaint to Margrethe Vestager. She is the EU competition chief. The complaint states that the users of Apple must be given the freedom to download apps outside the app store. Telegram has over 400 million users.

Ms. Vestager, in June, makes an announcement. She states that there have been two antitrust investigations on Apple. One of the inquiry concerns APPLE’s App Store. She also mentions that the conflicts between the developers and Apple have reached heights. The fess of Apple’s App Store on an estimate earns about $1 billion for the company every month. This is a worldwide estimation. Apart from this, the other concern against Apple is Apple Pay. The investigators are still to run a thorough check against this probe.

Telegram’s Complaint

Rich search results found on Google when searched for "Apple App Store"
Telegram accuses Apple Of curbing innovations. Image Source: Fossbytes

The complaint from Telegram does not end here. It further mentions that the commission from Apple keeps the App Store running. Pavel Durov, a tech entrepreneur from Russia, founded Telegram with his brother in 2013. Mr. Durov accuses Apple of innovation halting.

In his post, he mentions, “Apple bags billions of dollars from third-party apps for every quarter. However, the cost of reviewing these apps are only tens in millions and not billions of dollars. We know the expenses because we at Telegram host and review several public content. We review more content than Apple’s App Store ever will”.

Telegram further mentions that in 2016 there were certain restrictions levied by Apple on them. Apple did not allow Telegram to launch a gaming platform. The reason being that it was unethical and against the rules of Apple. Telegram, however, had to drop down the venture, and they could not risk their deletion fro Apple’s App Store. Telegram alleges Apple for its monopolistic power. And states that it is due to this monopoly that Apple gets the license to curb down innovations.

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