ARM MacBook Costing $799 Might Launch This October

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The most awaited Silicon MacBook of Apple might get launched on 27th October. Though, everything is uncertain for now as the date of launch is currently fluctuating. According to Apple’s practice in the previous year, the launch of the iPhone 12 keynote was going to take place on 8th September, but now the date has shifted to September. Although this too is only a rumor and the sources of this rumor are the tweets done by iHacktu Pro on 24th July. But, as the tweet was deleted later on, we can’t be sure of anything.

According to the claims made by @ihacktu, the MacBook would return with Apple Silicon, and we will see a 13in MacBook that too, with a Silicon Processor. The twitter account, too, predicted the end of November that the iPhone 12 will appear with a screen size of 5.4in. Also, in a recent tweet from @ihacktu suggested that Apple would revive the AirPort Express.

These ARM Macbooks are expected to feature an A14X Processor, which is a powerful version of the A14 Processor with which the iPhone 12 would be shipping.

ARM MacBook  –  Operating System:

Silicon Macbook

We all know that these Silicon Macs may able to do everything that was not possible with the Intel counterparts. As suggested by the WWDC keynote, it will be entirely possible to run iOS apps on the silicon powered macs. This hints that the work of the developers is going to reduce a little bit. They don’t have to develop a separate version of their apps for Mac and iOS/ iPad OS. One app is going to be compatible with everything.

Silicon MacBooks Cost:

It is valid to a certain extent that the home-developed Processor by Apple would have been cheap for the company. But, that doesn’t mean from anywhere that the price of the product is going to decrease. But, Apple always spends more on the research and development parts. The same has been done with these chips. That means the company’s savings would not have been anything higher. In Classic Apple Fashion, whenever Apple announces its new products, the price ultimately goes up. And, when it comes to something like the first generation of Apple Silicon Macs, we can be sure that it is going to cost more than any other previous Apple products.

The price of the 12” MacBook with Apple Silicon is going to be $799, and that is a huge deal in itself. But, the cost of this 12inch ARM MacBook is lower than that of the 12inch Intel MacBook, which had an entry-level price of $1,299. The prices were announced on twitter by @komiya_kj on 25th July.

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