Kajillionaire: Release Date,Trailer, Synopsis And Everything You Need To Know

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Kajillionaiare is one of the must-watch indie films. Ever since 2011, this is the first movie that earns some recognition at the Sundance. The creators have done an epic job in mastering the comic tone. And every ensemble cast member plays their role with utmost precision. Here is everything you need to know about Kajillionaire.

Kajillionaire Release Date

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Kajillionaire"
Evan Rachel Wood, Richard Jenkins, and Debra Winger appear in Kajillionaire. Image Source: Variety

Kajillionaire is all set for release on 18 September 2020. It is going to be releasing in the theatres. Miranda July is the mastermind behind this astounding and moving comedy. It is about two con artists Teresa and Robert, along with their daughter Old Dolio. The couple is shown spending 26 years training their daughter to steal and scam at every opportunity.  It is only when they enroll a stranger in their desperate heist, the scenario changes.


Rich search results on Google when searched for "Kajillionaire"
Kajillionaire. Image Source: The Film Stage.

The official synopsis of Kajillionaire states, “ Two con artists have spent 26 years in training. They trained their daughter to scam, steal, and swindle with every opportunity she gets. During haste and desperately conceived heist, the trio had to manipulate a stranger. They had to charm this stranger to join the group. This was when things began to change, and all of their lives turned upside down”.

Trailer Review

As per the critics, Kajillionaire is an intense movie with soulful undercurrents. The trailer gives a sneak peek to he deeper cynical plot. Critics also mention that Kajillionaire is going to be Focus Features’ most significant buzz of the year. The characters perform extraordinarily while Evan Rachel Wood finds her free will. Critics also explain the concept of family bonds and state that everyone deserves “some tough love”.

Reasons To Watch Kajillionaire

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Kajillionaire"
Evan Rachel Wood in Kajillionaire. Image Source: VitalThrills.com

Kajillionaire is an unconventional con comedy. Miranda July infuses the satire of a dysfunctional family with the insights of being human.  This movie is one of cinema’s most independent voices. The creator shows that the world is not perfect and that not all humans are blessed with luxuries of life. When we all sit in our comfort zones, life becomes easy.

But when we try to survive in a foreign country or see a foreigner making sense of us, we start to feel weird. The con artists do just that. They look at things differently. They reflect us in specific ways and tell us that we can also break the stereotypes.

Miranda July brings out a new strategy from the outsider’s point of view. Old Dolio was trained for 26 years to steal and scam. She was raised far from acceptable American parenting. Homeschooling went terribly wrong, and it backfired one day. The movie is not about the con but about the connections.

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