The Magicians Season 6: Release Date . Will It Happen?

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The Magicians is an American Television Series. It first set foot in December 2015, and ever since then, it has been magical. The Magicians ran for full long five seasons. And The Magicians season 6 is still under the radar. There is a question in every mind whether or not The Magicians season 6 will happen? We have every little update you need to know about the show. So stay tuned to get your queries answered.

The Magicians Season 6: Will It Happen?

Rich search results on Google when searched for "The Magicians"
The Magicians. Image Source: The Next Alert

The Magicians season 6 officially stands canceled. Syfy, in April 2020, decides to cut all ties with the show. It is heartbreaking for the fans as we were waiting for it all along. John McNamara, the co-creator, says, “ It worked out exactly how it works for every other season”.

He continues to say, “ In season 5, we did not know if we were going to get picked up. There was always this discussion. Not about creativity or finances but about what the show brings and how much it costs. There will not be any expansion or contraction in the revenue. But it will always cost more”.

Sera Gamble, co-creator, says, “ As the creators, we always had a sense with Syfy. We understood that Syfy is hinting on the cup being full, and ‘there is no more room’”. The creators also mention that it might be over with Syfy, but there is no stopping. They will try on other platforms in the future if the interest still prevails.

Reasons Why Syfy Cancelled The Show

Rich search results on Google when searched for "The Magicians"
The Magicians season 6 stands canceled. Image source: TV Series Finale

The Magicians season 6 being canceled is highly disappointing for the fans. But here is why Syfy canceled the show. Season 5 of the series somewhat acted like the finale season. Therefore there is no season 6. The series was based on the series of novels written by Lev Grossman. The creators adapt these novels, thereby consulting Grossman. However, ever since 2016, every season was seen compromising with 13 episodes only.

Apart from the magical component, the show was famous for all different reasons. It deals with general quirkiness and referential humor, which are great qualities for any show. However, controversies did not spare this show either.

There were significant turn-offs for many people in several episodes.  However, these controversies did not get in the way of the cult fans. Now that Syfy has left the side of The Magicians, we are hoping for the creators to come up with a better option.

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