Double Olympic Champion Boxing Star Nicola Retires Due to Eyesight Loss Fears

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Adams spent only two years as a professional boxer

Nicola Adams has announced the end of her boxing career. The double Olympic champion retired from professional boxing at 37 years old. This comes as she fears permanent damage to her eyes. She made the news public in an open letter. The talented boxer stated that she had fulfilled her life dreams by winning different championships but they are taking a toll on her body.

I made a difficult decision to step down

Adams won gold twice at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. She only went pro in august 2017. After just five fights she was elevated to the WBO world champion. The last time Adams appeared for a fight was at Royal Albert Hall, London, in September this year.

There, she drew with opponent Maria Salinas in her premiere defense as world champion. She penned the letter saying she made a difficult decision and was honored to have been a part of the athletes representing the country. She also spoke about winning two gold medals in the Olympics and the WBO championship belt. She ended the letter saying she suffered aches and pains, and her body can no longer bear it.

The double Olympic gold medalist also said that she was advised by her medical doctors that further impact could lead to an irreparable vision which could ultimately lead to vision loss permanently. She has been known for making history in the London Olympics about 7 years ago when she became the first woman to clinch the Olympic gold medal in boxing. After about 4 years in Rio, Adams took the title of the first British boxer to defend the Olympic title successfully in 92 years. when she turned pro at age 35, two years ago, she won the first four fights of her career and won the interim WBO world title in 2018 in Leicester.

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