Aapno Rajasthan Founder Durgesh Dhaker Explains Efficacy Of Social Media Platforms

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 Often perceived as a deluding medium, social media platforms hold much more relevance in our lives than we can possibly imagine. These platforms are the easiest way to spread the word and get the momentum going. Many digital marketers are employing social media platforms to spread information, engage with the audiences and establish a deeper connection with their audience. DurgeshDhaker is one such proficient digital marketer who specialized in managing social media accounts and establishing credibility among the audience.

Durgesh Dhaker is a well-known social media marketer and manager. He has demonstrable experience in building a positive reputation for a brand or a public figure on social media. He has unraveled most of the underlying secrets to using social media platforms to their fullest potential. He says, “My first personal venture is Aapno Rajasthan, a community page that shares information about all the happenings in Rajasthan and the rest of the country. It is not just another news page but is more than that. The members actively participate in group meetings and voice their opinions about the events that could potentially affect their life. Aapno Rajasthan is an earnest effort to unite the people of Rajasthan, to help others when in need.”

He further adds, “Aapno Rajasthan is a very useful community page in these tumultuous times of covid lockdown. People are helpful and sharing their experiences and connections to help others in need. It is such a selfless approach that brings out the humanity in each of us.” DurgeshDhaker manages the social media accounts of many high-profile celebrities and political parties and tries to uplift their trust and popularity among the audience. With his help, his clients are able to gather much more interest and praise from their followers.

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