Uplifting budding entrepreneurs with Digital Gabbar: Rohit Mehta

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“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” — Jim Rohn

In this massive economic downslide, the youth and working class are struggling to land and retain jobs. The pandemic has tipped the scales, and it is increasingly difficult to manage finances or find a dependable passive revenue stream. Rohit Mehta is aiding the youth and inquisitive entrepreneurs to become successful with his widely acclaimed digital platform, Digital Gabbar. He wants to pull the economy from the clutches of the pandemic while building reliable career paths for the graduates. 

Rohit Mehta slowly shifted to digital marketing from his established career in the IT industry. He holds a firm grasp of the nuances of IT, website development, hosting, and security. Digital marketing started as a source of building a passive income stream that became intertwined with his career path. After a few tough months, he became adept at implementing digital marketing techniques to amplify the reach of his blog. The little taste of success compelled him to research the possibilities of a career and the subsequent growth in digital marketing. After numerous years of experience in the niche with different clients from various industries, Mr. Rohit Mehta created Digital Gabbar, an informative portal to share his digital marketing wisdom and related subtopics.

Digital Gabbar has grown beyond expectations in the last year, all because of the grunt work done by Mr. Rohit Mehta. He sheds light on the idea behind Digital Gabbar. He says, ‘ It took me a long time to find out the correct information before implementing digital marketing strategies on my blogs. The lack of availability of knowledge about digital marketing saddened me. I understand the pain of being oblivious about feasible career choices. Digital Gabbar assimilates all the scattered knowledge and presents it to the audience without any hidden agenda. Its sole purpose is to provide information from credible sources, which is why I have a team of proficient digital marketers that contribute to the platform.”

Digital Gabbar is slowly nurturing the youth to become cognizant and ambitious about their career choices. A few success stories are already spreading on the platform. Most of the readers have benefitted from the knowledge. Rohit Mehta is also a renowned author and has published six books about digital marketing and the approach to a successful career and life.

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