BoJack Horseman Season 7: Is It Happening? and Why It Is The Best.

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Bojack Horseman is by far the greatest show on Netflix. It has been running for six long seasons, and the creators now think that the legacy is complete. Is there a possibility of Bojack Horseman Season 7? It is still a question on everyone’s minds. There are certain revelations from the creator. Stay tuned to find out more about your favorite show.

Is Bojack Horseman Season 7 Happening?

Rich search results found on Google when searched for "Bojack Horseman"
BoJack Horseman finale episode. Image Source: Mashable

The creator of Bojack Horseman, Raphael Bob-Waksberg confirms the end in an interview. In his interview with NPR, he gets all philosophical. He mentions how he incorporates talking animals in his show to deal with grave issues. He further suggests, “It is not the show that got the world on fire. It is the emotion that people were able to connect to”.

Coming back to the possibility of season 7, will it be renewed? It is heartbreaking to say that Bojack Horseman season 7 is never happening.  Some fans are eagerly waiting for Bojack Horseman season 7. But on a sad note season, 6 was the last installment of this fascinating series. The creator confirms that Netflix drops the show just for it to end well. There are many new series coming on Netflix, and it couldn’t continue with this.

Reasons Why Bojack Horseman Is So Good

Rich search results found on Google when searched for "BoJack Horseman"
BoJack Horseman. Image Source: Business Insider

To begin with, the reasons we must start with Bojack Horseman. He is the anchor of the show, and he alone is the reason for its popularity. He is personable and also overly alienable. This is the reason why this horse seems so human. Another reason is that its animated. Animation is a communication tool in itself. And it just makes everything so enjoyable to watch. It also gives the directors a free will to deal with serious human issues.

The show presents serious dark humor. It is nothing like our usual comic shows. Bojack Horseman is full of societal concerns and dark sentiments. There are jokes throughout the show. But the jokes are practical and comes in as gags or puns. The series is particularly indulging. The more you see it, the more you want it.

The first three episodes of the series are purposefully curated to grab the attention of the audience. When we began to understand the characters, we delve in more. In becomes clear to us from a more human and thoughtful perspective. It might be sad that the show ended, but we are grateful.

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