Will there ever be an ‘Absentia Season 4’?

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Harsirat Kaur
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Absentia fans are hoping for Season 4. If you’ve binge-watched Absentia’s previous seasons, you will definitely have a fever for more. So, will there be an Absentia Season 4?

Absentia is an American Crime-thriller drama on AXN. It premiered on September 25, 2017. The show tells a story of an FBI Special Agent Emily Byrne, who disappeared while looking for Boston’s wanted serial killer. She is declared dead in Absentia when nobody could find her. Six years later, she is located in a cabin in the woods, but she has no memory of anything in the past years. While she was adrift, her husband remarries. After coming back, she finds herself amidst various murder implications.

Absentia Season 4 updates
Emily and Nick. Source: TVovermind

Absentia is created by Gaia Violo and Matt Cirulnick.

Will there be an Absentia Season 4?

Absentia Season 3 was released in full on July 17, 2020. It did not have any promotions that it deserved. The story feels like final, but as in every season, the third season gave a thicker storyline and a solid action base. Now, after watching the third amidst the pandemic, we want more.

In Absentia Season 3, writers got even personal. Yes, there were villains and anti-heroes in the season. But, what hooked us in this season was how Emily’s character and personality were highlighted. The season showed how an experience could change a person and haunt him back when it feels like it’s buried deep. Season 3 summed up in the sense of finality.

Absentia Season 4
Source: Streamingwars.com

As far as Absentia Season 4 is concerned, AXN has not announced anything yet. However, streaming platforms usually wait for few months to analyze how the show is doing. So, around October, we will know whether there will be a new season or not.

Absentia Season 4 – Release Date

All the seasons were renewed after two or three months of premiering of a season. If we assume that AXN will renew the season in September 2020, we can have a new season in fall 2021.

Right now, the show is doing exceptionally well with an 8.4 IMDb rating on every episode. So, it is a matter of time when we get official notice as to if the series will have another franchise or the third season will mark its end.

Who will be in the cast?

The cast has proven their caliber in every season. Their performance has improved season-by-season, earning positive criticism even from the harshest critics. If there will be an Absentia Season 4, the cast will include:

Absentia Season 4 Cal and Emily
Cal and Emily
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“I am grateful for any audience, and I love that so many of them followed me from Castle to Absentia,” Katic expressed her gratitude in her statement. She hasn’t spoken anything regarding Season 4. We have to keep an eye for the next few months to see if there will be a Season 4.

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