Popular Online Games That Put Mathematics in the Spotlight

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The majority of modern online games that are developed tend to focus on impress players with lightning-fast gameplay and stunning graphics.

However, aside from these nerve-shredding and eye-popping titles, there are others out there in the online ether that take a different approach, enticing players by challenging their intellect rather than just their reaction times.

Here we take a look at the online games that have shunned flashy grandstanding and have instead opted to present their players with various numeracy-based puzzles to wrestle with.

Almost all mobile games demand some level of mathematical understanding from their players or those who plan on being victors.

Classic Games All About Probabilities

There has been something of a revolution taking place in online gaming circles. Ancient and classic games of the past, such as card games, table games, and board games, have come back into fashion, often appearing on live streaming platforms such as Twitch.

Some of the most exciting of these tend to be those who constantly ask players to evaluate their chances or probabilities of success in any given play round.

The sort of table games made famous by Monaco and Las Vegas are ideal examples of this because the blackjack hands dealt by online croupiers and the numbers thrown up by live roulette wheels create myriad number puzzles for their respective players to solve on a play-by-play basis. With online roulette probabilities varying greatly across the range of moves a player can make, individuals with a strong understanding of the percentages and fractions will ultimately have the best chance of upsetting the house. Another variety of classic games that undoubtedly harness probabilities is chess, as players are constantly asked to evaluate the probability of their opponent, noticing which strategy or traps they are employing.

People have to ditch their reliance on calculators for many of these games, with only the mathematically minded able to process numbers and equations fast enough to succeed.

Newspaper Puzzle Sections Usurped by Mobile Games

There were crosswords, then there were sudoku puzzles, and then eventually, no one did puzzles in newspapers anymore and turned instead to their computers and mobile devices.

There is no doubt that mobile app stores are the new homes of number-crunching puzzles, which a wide range of the population enjoy regularly.

Many of these games have also taken classics like sudoku and built on them. Some great examples of this are the ever-popular Threes! and others like 2048 and XOLT.

Escape Room Games Make Maths a Necessity

Escape rooms are the trend that just keeps on giving, as more and more pop up in town and city centers.

Therefore, it is no surprise that there have been a whole host of online games springing up, too, ready to take advantage of the interest shown in this inventive melding of the murder mystery and treasure hunt concepts.

Although such online games do not solely focus on number crunching, almost all of them rely on their players having some numerical know-how, with Agent Venture, The Escape Game, and Cluecrypted all boasting puzzles for which mathematical knowledge is a definite benefit.

Fun and Educational at the Same Time

Of course, while many games require a solid understanding of mathematical rules and norms, they are also by virtue of these excellent tools for learning, providing players with many of the tools they require to hone their math skills.

Even some beautifully designed games are developed for this exact purpose, although from their fun and slick layouts, users will just think they are another entertaining game. One perfect example of this is Twelve A Dozen from Touch Press Games, which constantly bombards players with exciting puzzles, all of which reinforce good mathematical practices.

With gamification playing a much greater role in educational courses these days, expect more such online games to come to the fore in the near future.

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