India Quickest To Administer 100 Million Plus Covid-19 Shots

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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The Union Health Ministry said on Saturday that India is the quickest country in the world to administer 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine in 85 days, as the cumulative number of doses administered in the country surpassed 10 crore.

“The US took 89 days to administer 10 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccine, while China took 102 days to do the same,” it said.

The Prime Minister’s Office also tweeted a chart showing India as the fastest country to reach this vaccination milestone, calling it “strengthening efforts to ensure a healthy and COVID-19 free India.

“In terms of the number of daily doses administered globally, India continues to remain at the top with an average of 38,93,288 doses administered per day, the ministry said earlier during the day. The cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the country stands at 10,12,84,282 as per the provisional report at 7.30 pm,” it said.

India Fastest To Administer Over 100 Million Covid Jabs In 85 Days

“The extension of vaccine coverage to those above 45 years of age along with recent provisions for them to get vaccinated at their workplaces — government and private — form a series of proactive, collaborative and coordinated steps taken by the Centre and state governments for safety of people from the infectious coronavirus disease,” the ministry said.

“This along with the efficient clinical management has thus far ensured that India has the lowest fatality rate in the world (1.28 per cent),” it highlighted.

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The ministry said, “The achievement is also a testimony of the ‘whole of society’ approach where individuals turned a deaf ear to rumours and propaganda of vested interests, shunned their vaccine hesitancy and strengthened the hand of the administration in curbing COVID-19.”

“The vaccination exercise as a tool to protect the most vulnerable population groups in the country from COVID-19 continues to be regularly reviewed and monitored at the highest level,” it said.

“A broader comparison with other countries on their achievements on the 85th day reaffirms the fact that India has the highest rate of vaccination per day,” the ministry said.

“The US administered 92.09 million doses in 85 days and China’s vaccination coverage was 61.42 million in 85 days. The UK administered 21.32 million doses in 85 days,” it said.

“Eight states — Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala — account for 60.62 per cent of the total doses given so far in the country,” according to the ministry.

The nationwide COVID-19 vaccination campaign began on January 16, with healthcare workers (HCWs) being vaccinated, and frontline workers (FLWs) being vaccinated on February 2.

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