Amit Shah Orders Central Forces To Harass Voters: Mamta Banerjee

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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The chief executors of the western Bengal and the chief executive of the Trinamool Congress Mamata Banerjee today said that CRPF security staff “harassing voters” throughout the state at the request of Union Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah. She was speaking while on an assembly in the region of Bengal’s Cooch Behar and stated to the news organization Press Trust of India that she was accusing security staff of a central force for “molesting women and beating people.”

“They are obstructing electors to cast their votes. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has instructed them to do so,” Mamata Banerjee alleged.

Mamata Banerjee: CRPF harassing voters in Bengal at Amit Shah's behest |  India News - Times of India

According to the West Bengal CM, as of now, about 10 people have been killed owing to the Assembly elections. This is quite a huge blame that Mamata Banerjee has put on Amit Shah and the entire BJP.

More Statements By Mamata:

“The Election Commission is running the administration. Please see that nobody is killed during the polling process. I request you to monitor CRPF personnel who are on duty now in the state. They should not be allowed to harass women. There are cases of girls being molested by the central force employees,” Mamata alleged.

And per the Press Trust of India news organization, five candidates were attacked, two of which women, while confrontations between rival political parties erupted on Tuesday in the state’s third voting process. TV images allegedly show that the Arambagh Sujata Mondal candidate of Trinamool was pursued in an open field by people wearing sticks and iron rods and hitting Mamata with sticks on her back. Her security guard was wounded, too.

Papiya Adhikary and Swapan Dasgupta of BJP and Dr Nirmal Maji and Najmul Karim of the Trinamool were also allegedly assaulted or heckled as the reports say. Indeed elections create a huge ruckus in Bengal and we sure hope that the public chooses the right person to vote for. Much has been gained and lost since this continuous struggle and it is time for a little peace in both the parties, at least for 5 years.

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