In 2020, India Was The Biggest Mobile App Market: Reports Confirm

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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In 2020, according to information gathered by Adjust, a digital market research firm, India was the world’s fastest growing app market. The latest report indicates that India saw substantial growth – 49% – in terms of mobile app growth in 2020 related to 2019. In mobile apps, schooling was India’s quickest increasing vertical, though playing games appears to rise sluggishly compared to many other countries, even if it is the vertical that enjoys the biggest increase overall.

According to data provided by Adjust, a smartphone market research firm, India was in terms of mobile app expansion the quickest increasing area in the world. In 2020 it grew by 49% opposed to 2019, when India fell amongst other nations, including Argentinean, Brazilian, Thai, Spain, Italian, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. It grew by 49%. India has seen the fastest growth in software and games, with Argentina seeing the biggest increase in gaming.

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About Mobile Consumers In India:

There are 700 million popular mobile consumers in India, and as per the Mobile Marketing Association India, of which 451 million are Internet users. Education may have been the speediest vertical application in India, followed by enterprise applications, food applications, social applications, and sports. Gaurav Shitak, Chief Content Marketing Officer at Sharekhan noted that gaming appears to be “less rapidly growing in India than in the rest of the world” — or else other vertical growth outpaced.

Although COVID-19 leads to virtual stores worldwide, the growth of e-commerce in India in 2020 was relatively slight. In addition, entertainment was India’s seventh largest vertical growth, and the difference between it and education was relatively low. Sony Pictures Networks India Associate Vice President Marketing observes that India is one of the fastest-growing streaming/OTT sectors in the world.

Overall, vertical gaming in mobile has seen the greatest growth in the world and Argentina has led the pack with growth in the past year at more than 60 per cent. Vietnam, Mexico, China, Brazil, Colombia and other countries have been followed. India came to the twelfth place which is quite a huge accomplishment. It can be said that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought huge reforms in the country.

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