Dark Desire 2020: Ending Explained . Is It Worth A Watch?

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Dark Desire 2020, otherwise known as “Oscuro Deseo” is on Netflix. It is the new hot, erotic thriller on Netflix. It is a Mexican thriller that will take you out of your comfort zone. And if you have seen the trailer, you know that you are in for a treat. Dark Desire 2020 is full of relationship equation and morals. It revolves around mysteries, crimes, and loads of eroticism. If you did not binge on the series yet, then here is what you need to know.

Dark Desire 2020 Review

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Dark Desire 2020. Image Source: Decider

Dark Desire 2020 is a Netflix Telenovela. However, not in the classic sense, but it does have some elements of it. It can be compared to American regular soap operas. Besides, it does also have the eerie, mysterious vibe of the series You. However, it lacks the dark humor of You and is full of passionate affairs.

People in this series are dramatic about everything, and they are full of dark secrets. These secrets are something that connects everyone. If you are looking in for a story or something to work your brain on, there there is no scope. Purely because it is an entertainment series for adults, all you need to do is shut off your brains and enjoy the craziness.

However, it is not all that bad. It does have surprises and a few plot twists waiting down the line. The acting and production are extremely impressive. Dark Desire 2020 is often brutal and dark at times. And this is precisely why it holds the potential of becoming a success. If you like thrillers with a bit of “erotic romance”, then this is just for you.

Ending Explained

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Dark Desire 2020. Image Source: Netflix

The series is a mystery with enough secrets, sex, and twists. All of these are enough to keep you hooked to your couch and watch every tiny bit of it. The show starts with a mysterious death. This leads the protagonist to a very old case. This will only leave you confused and demanding answers. However, in the end, everything becomes clear.

Out of the blue appears a suspect who proves that what was thought to be murder is just a suicide. The finale episodes unravel the mysteries and are also open for speculations. However, the climax is something interesting. Based on a pure telenovela element, the dead character is back to life. You have to pay attention to be able to figure out everything.

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