Nokia and Lenovo Put A Rest To Their Disputes

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Finland’s Nokia has closed a multiannual patent campaign with China’s Lenovo Group, the world’s largest computer producer, which resolves all outstanding disputes across territories.

Although conditions in the cross-license arrangement remain private, the Finnish telecom equipment manufacturer said that Lenovo would pay Nokia a net balance payment. A Nokia Speaker refused to provide financial information.

Nokia initiated its 2019 legal struggle against Lenovo over alleged breach of 20 patents in data transmission technology and had, in relation to six German lawsuits, cases in the U.S, Brazil and India.

“The global accord struck will enable future collaboration between our companies for the benefit of customers. Last month Nokia struck a deal with Samsung to license patents covering its innovations in video standards worldwide,” said John Mulgrew, chief intellectual property officer of Lenovo.

Nokia settles patent fight with Lenovo
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The patent portfolio of Nokia consists of around 20.000 families of patents, of which about 3.500 are declared indispensable to the 5G level of technology.

Its Scandinavian opponent, Ericsson, has also had continuing patent conflicts between Samsung and KPN NV.

More About Nokia And Lenovo Relations:

It was quite intelligent of Nokia and Lenovo to solve their disputes peacefully without any kind of huge ruckus. This is because in such corporate wars, it becomes pretty easy to see a loss at both sides. Thus, both these companies have saved each other a lot of time and energy.

Along with this, there are changes of a future collaboration between the companies which is indeed great news for the customers of the companies. Nokia has been around for a huge time and is regarded as one of the top brands in phone-making. 

On the other hand Lenovo has generated a huge customer base using its smartphone, laptops and other cool gadgets. Therefore, we can see a possible collaboration too as the doors are open for such a deal. 

“The agreement reflects Nokia’s decadeslong investments in R&D and contributions to cellular and multimedia standards,” said Jenni Lukander, the president of Nokia’s patent, technology, and brand licensing business.

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