George Floyd Girlfriend Questioned On Drug Use During the Trial

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Girlfriend of George Floyd testified to his past drug use at his murder and manslaughter trial on Thursday. A former Minneapolis police officer was charged with murder and manslaughter in his death.

On the fourth day of Derek Chauvin’s trial, Floyd’s girlfriend of nearly three years, Courteney Ross, 45, took the stand as a witness.

The video of Chauvin, a white man, restraining Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, went viral, sparking nationwide demonstrations regarding racial inequality and police violence.

On Thursday, a paramedic testified that when he and a colleague arrived on the scene in an emergency, Floyd was “unresponsive” and appeared to be in heart failure.

Ross explained that she had gone to see the father of one of her sons, and Floyd noticed her in the lobby looking sad and asked if he could “pray” for her in his “great deep Southern voice.”

“It was so sweet,” she said. “I had lost a lot of faith in God.”

It's a classic story': George Floyd's girlfriend recounts the couple's drug  use | Hindustan Times
Hindustan Times

“We both suffered from chronic pain. Mine was in my neck and his was in his back.” She said.

“Addiction, in my opinion, is a lifelong struggle. We got addicted and tried really hard to break that addiction, many times.” She added.

More About Ross And Floyd Conditions:

Ross claimed that she and Floyd both had medications for pain relievers, but that they occasionally purchased pills on the “black market.”

Floyd had been “clean” after an overdose in 2020, she said, but in the two weeks before his death, he seemed to have resumed pill use.

On Wednesday, Hall notified the court that if he is called to testify at Chauvin’s trial, he will exercise his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Seth Bravinder, a paramedic who directed the ambulance that offered Floyd with the first medical treatment, accompanied Ross on the witness stand.

When Bravinder arrived, police officers were already on top of Floyd, who was “unresponsive,” according to Bravinder.

“I did not see him moving or breathing,” he said. “He was limp would be the best description. He was unresponsive.”

Ben Crump, a Floyd family attorney, made a statement after Ross’s testimony saying “defense attempts to construct the narrative that George Floyd’s cause of death was the Fentanyl in his system.”

“We want to remind the world who witnessed his death on video that George was walking, talking, laughing, and breathing just fine before Derek Chauvin held his knee to George’s neck, blocking his ability to breathe and extinguishing his life,” Crump said.

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