Rahul Gandhi: “CAA Attack On Assam’s Culture, Won’t Allow Implementation”

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Parth Dubey
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Rahul Gandhi, the Congress chief, called the Citizenship (Amendment) Act a “assault” on Assam’s language, history, and culture on Tuesday, vowing that if his party wins the state’s Assembly elections, he would not allow it to be enforced.

He urged people to vote for the Congress and its “Mahajot” alliance, reiterating his party’s promise to hire five lakh youth and pay tea garden staff a 365 minimum wage.

Mr Gandhi said in a video message posted on Twitter that he intended to campaign in the state on Tuesday but was unable to do so due to bad weather.

“I could not reach Assam today due to bad weather, but my and the Mahajot’s message is clear. We will take Assam forward on the path of progress and prosperity with the five guarantees promised. With that objective, please support the Mahajot by voting in large numbers,” he posted on Twitter with the video clip.

More Statements By Rahul Gandhi:

Mr Gandhi also said that the BJP was preparing to revoke Article 254-A, which he claimed was “attacking” hill-tribe people. He promised that the “Mahajot” alliance would put it into action.

The Assam Assembly election is being held in three stages. The first round of voting took place on March 27, and the second and third rounds will take place on April 1 and April 6, respectively.

The Congress, which has been in power in Assam for 15 years, has formed a “Grand Alliance” with the AIUDF, BPF, CPI, CPI(M), CPI(ML), Anchalik Gana Morcha (AGM), RJD, and Jimochayan (Deori) Peoples Party (JPP) to battle the BJP-led NDA in the upcoming Assembly election.

Assam Election 2021: CAA An Attack On Assam's Culture, Won't Allow  Implementation: Rahul Gandhi

Mr Gandhi said, “The Congress party and the Mahajot alliance has given five guarantees which include not allowing the CAA to be implemented in Assam. This is an attack on Assam and also an attack on your language, history and culture. We will not allow it to be implemented.”

“We guarantee to provide employment to five lakh youth and ₹ 365 minimum wage to tea garden workers. We also guarantee 200 free units of electricity to each family and ₹ 2,000 every month to every housewife in Assam,” he also said.

“In this election, please support the Congress party and the Mahajot and help it win with a heavy margin and we will implement the five guarantees as promised,” Mr Gandhi said.

“What did the central government do to wipe the tears of crores of daily wage labourers, including those working in tea estates? The public has understood that there is no relation between ”jumlas” (rhetoric) and development,” the former Congress chief Rahul said.

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