CEO Of Verd Media, Tamas Boruah leads the way to inspire millennials

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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney

Dreams are the biggest motivation for individuals to pursue something in life, these are unique to each individual, despite the fact that almost all human beings aspire to do something, a handful of them actually make it to their final destinations.

Tamas Boruah, the CEO of Verd Media, one of the finest digital marketing agencies based out of Bangalore also saw a dream of building a future of dreams and did everything in the direction of living that dream. That is the reason how he became a pioneering founder who leads a team of almost a dozen experts who have made their mark in the industry.

Verd Media has today made its worth count in the digital marketing industry with robust solutions related to SEO, Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, graphic designing and a host of fool proof services that have accelerated growth of several enterprises and individuals.

Tamas Boruah has today built this empire on his own from tracing a long path from his hometown in Assam in the year 2013 to acing the digital marketing world in the year 2017 from Bangalore.

” I certainly believe that we must have dreams that are very difficult to achieve, this gives us the motivation to propel ourselves each day harder, and despite of all failures, when you keep working and improving, soon you will realise you have reached the zenith”, says Tamas Boruah.

“When I began my journey in the year 2013, the opportunities to succeed were quite few, but today the internet has served everything on a platter, there could not be any reason why you should not follow your hearts intent in the current milieu, when I began blogging, the information was lesser and the chances to succeed were grim,  today the competition may be high, but there are few who last, you should be amongst those few to succeed”, he added.

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