Aniket Ghate is driving the youth with hacks to building an indomitable reach on social media

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Young entrepreneur Aniket Ghate is driving the youth with hacks to building an indomitable reach on social media

“Opportunities don’t come, champions create them”

The current day and age is dominated by social media, no one can remain untouched from its influence. In such a period, where there is a plethora of opportunities that lie dormant to be explored there is no dearth of resources if someone is committed to their niche and works towards building their brand.

Such a journey has been successfully pursued by the man in the frame today, Aniket Ghate is a premium digital marketer and with an entrepreneurial bent of mind who has taken the industry by storm due to his dynamism and strong work ethic with houdeviral Facebook page.

The 23 year from Maharashtra is a seasoned champion of acing social media campaigns and is counted amongst the select few who are stalwarts of the web. In conversation with this expert strategist, we bring to you the most important aspects for anyone looking to build their reach on social media for the long run.

1- Be Found- Social media amasses millions of individuals who want to make an impact, hence it becomes a fiercely competitive place where each person is trying to attract mass attention, therefore it is imperative that we optimize our actions to choose a niche that suits our interests, it should be something that you are ready to work on for several years of your life.

Focus on creating interactive content that can be found when someone searches for it, the best way to do is to is use relevant hashtags.

2- Create consistent, quality content that is relatable- Today, the web has an information explosion but we can help our followers find quality information that is not redundant by posting relatable content as per the niche, remember, to the point, useful and quality content is still limited on the web, hence if you provide people what they are looking for consistently, then slowly and gradually, you will see substantial growth in the people who follow you.

3- Social media marketing/linking blogs –

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get optimum return on investment if you want to see quick results, these techniques come with statistics and real-time reports on how your ad is performing and how one can focus on getting the most of our target audiences.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that, according to Aniket Ghate, the best way to ace your social media presence is by being relevant and consistent with the content that is suited to the tastes of your target audience, linking several web pages and blogs to boost traffic and last but not the least correct marketing of your content that can lead to conversions.


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