Coffee with Mr. Yogesh Kushwaha, Founder Branditude Media

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Mr. Yogesh Kushwaha, Founder of Branditude Media and Serial entrepreneur joined our Q&A series on International Labour Day

Yogesh shared his career journey and his sincere insights into the digital marketing industry. You will find a lot more if you scroll down to read the entire conversation:

1. Can you tell us about your personal journey and your current position at the agency?

My career in focussed around digital marketing. You can say that Internet is only a year younger than me and my passion for the digital world began at a very tender age of 14. I take a pride in sharing with you that in these 12 years of experience in the industry I enjoyed every second of it…. Simply loved it. My mother gifted me my the first phone Nokia N72, and it introduced me to the power of Internet and digital world. Now lets not confuse me for “ Internet Geek”, I am jack of all trade and Ace of Digital marketing. I have been good in studies and excellent in sports. You would be amazed to learn that I am National level Champion in Skate ball and was featured in Dainik Bhaskar. I could see the shift coming in marketing, that it was moving from primarily print to online, and hence mere curiosity took the shape of passion. I found my very first venture “Trustship”, a social media platform which was later on bought by a renowned MNC. Over time I honed my skills and I started another venture specializing in Digital Marketing, The Branditude Media. Within 4months of starting I could breakeven and now the company responsible for being a strategic partner and trusted advisor to our clients like IPL, Netflix, Godrej.

2. How diverse is your team? Do you believe agencies should take further actions to diversify their teams?

The one thing I noticed immediately when founded Branditude media was that my team has to be diverse. We have people from all walks of life and ethnicities. As far as Branditude media is concerned, we will hire the best person fit for the role — whether they’re female or male, locally born or from overseas is irrelevant. If you have the skills and the right attitude you’re welcome here.

As far as other agencies are concerned I can say that every agency is different, their approach to recruitment is different, their management style is different but if they choose to make an effort in ensuring diversity in their teams, they won’t be disappointed. It’s through our collective diversity and experiences that teams can cleverly solve complex business problems, and bring about a solution that really works and is truly human-led.

3. Do you think there is a gender gap in the digital marketing industry? If yes, what are the main reasons for that?

Of course! I mean, it’s not as big as it was say five or ten years ago but yes there is certainly a gap. I think it comes from stereotypes on the ‘typical’ roles for men and women, I think it also has something to do with the women who drop off once they have a baby. I don’t have children myself but I do have many mums in my life, some married and some single, and I know quite well the challenges they face just from mum life let alone trying to get back into their careers. When you have to step away for maternity leave everything moves on without you, and fast. It’s scary and intimidating, and if you don’t have the right support network around you I can totally understand why some young mums just don’t bother.

4. Who has been an inspiration to you in your life and why?

My Mother

My mum got married and had my sister and I. My father expired when I was only 8days old. She had to join as a Clerk in a state government department in my father’s place. She’d never gone to university because her parents couldn’t afford to send her. She fought against all the adversities and taught me that your dreams are what you make of them, and to always go after them fearlessly no matter what the odds.

5. Why do you think your agency stands out from other digital agencies?

Our team culture and work life balance. Building a team is one of the hardest things to do. We’re all so wonderfully unique but we mesh together so well. We truly support each (there are no egos here) and we challenge each other. Every individual enjoys the work he/she does. As a result, we work together to drive our business forward Digital Marketing.

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