Twitter Testing “Undo Tweet” On Paid Users

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Twitter may be working on a “undo tweet” feature for its paid subscribers that would allow them to go back and correct typos or other errors in their tweets. The new feature may be the company’s reaction to the demand for an edit option, which it has yet to provide on the microblogging platform. It could also be used as one of the arguments to persuade users to subscribe to Twitter on a regular basis for a set fee.

Jan Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer, discovered the undo tweet feature on a subscription screen and tweeted about it. It would basically give users the ability to reverse a recent post. This differs from the existing delete tweet function, which makes a specific tweet invisible to all Twitter users.

More About The “Undo Tweet” By Twitter:

Wong shared a screenshot of the undo tweet feature on Twitter. However, it has not yet been made available to the general public. She also speculates that it will be one of the features available to Twitter’s paid subscribers in the future.

According to CNET, Twitter has acknowledged that the new feature is being tested. It’s unclear whether the testing will be limited to a specific area.

Twitter Testing 'Undo Tweet' Feature for Paid Users: Report | Technology  News

Various media channels contacted Twitter for comment on the situation. When the company responds, we will very definitely revise the report to keep you updated about the feature.

Wong shared a GIF earlier this month that suggested a ‘Undo Send’ timer for tweets that would begin as soon as a user pressed the Tweet button and last for a few seconds, allowing them to undo the tweet.

The addition of the undo tweet feature may be beneficial to those who are irritated by typos in their tweets. However, it isn’t something that would allow for editing, which has been requested by the media platform users for a long time but isn’t yet on the company’s priority list.

In addition to the undo tweet feature, Twitter is considering introducing new business models such as Super Follows, which would allow people to charge their followers a monthly subscription fee in exchange for sending them exclusive content or newsletters. Earlier in the month, the company announced its plans for the subscription model in a tweet thread targeted at its investors.

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