Vishujeet Thakur : The internet geek winning hearts with his digital craftsmanship

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‘Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.’

Walking on the path of the above highly inspiring quote, a 15-year-old began his lustrous stint in the world of the internet.

Unknown to the wonders of this magnetic field, he was set to take the internet by storm some years down the line with his self-made rules to make skyrocketing growth on the web.

By trial and error and learning each day as a beginner, Vishujeet Thakur, a young lad who was passionate to make a mark on this world early on in his life, began his tryst from a small town of Muzzaffarnagar to chase his untamed dreams.

By diving into the world of search engines and websites, the teenager developed an inclination towards the vast career on the web and took the plunge to be called a digital marketer.

Against contrary beliefs, Vishujeet was not bowed down by the frequent changes in the digital marketing industry. He was filled with more enthusiasm when allowed to learn and transform himself; he gathered in-depth know-how of the various facets of blogging, website management, and advanced features by self-learning from the resources found on the internet, what he couldn’t find on the internet was completed by experimenting.

“The worlds most famous individuals have indeed reached a certain stage in their lives because of persistent hard work and determination not to give up and continue experimenting if something doesn’t work out, seek the next, bit by bit you will reach a higher pedestal, and after some time, you will find yourself at the top,” says the young visionary digital marketer Vishujeet Thakur.

Through his journey from a very early age, millennials increasingly take the inspiration to set out to strive judiciously. With one step at the moment, you can change mountains.


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