Story Of Narendra Dagar, Top Digital Marketer of North India

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A man who wants to achieve something in life finds his ways to do so. Here we are talking about Narendra Dagar. From the age of 15, due to various family issues and a lot of pressure and responsibilities, Narendra started working online and very soon became a successful blogger.
Today he is just 23 years old and has a qualification of class 12th. But this man has much more skills and capabilities to achieve whatever he can, than any normal qualified individual.
Narendra Dagar lives in Faridabad and from the age of 18, he is earning more than 10 lacs rupees per month. His determination and will of getting whatever he imagined have made him a very powerful personality in the field of marketing. He owns many local businesses in Faridabad and is a successful marketer. He promotes brands on various social networking sites especially, Facebook and Instagram.

Achievements Of Narendra Dagar And His Future Plans:

With his creative mind and broad perspective on society and life, he is a very respected personality in his field. In the social networking sites, Narendra Dagar has created more than 30 million audiences, and this count is just on Facebook and Instagram. He loves to work with people with creative minds and hence promote movies and songs from various reputable brands.
It is not exaggerated to say that he is going to go on top of whatever he works on. Narendra, these days, is planning to start an e-commerce brand, “FirstBox” with Aayush Rana, another bright mind.
FirstBox is a B2B store that is useful for small-scale buyers and sellers with a lower limit. Users can add products from multiple sellers. The thing that keeps the brand different from others is that there is no commission involved from the seller’s end.
FirstBox will only take the online transaction charges just with a minimal membership process and membership fees. Narendra believes that if you want to grow a brand you have to think about all the issues that the customers or users might face and care for them. Hence, he has the plan of holding the inventory at their warehouse and will only be charged for storage and shipping.
He is an inspiration for the youngsters and teenagers who think that with limited resources, you cannot achieve anything. He has proved every critic wrong with his willpower and hard work as the only weapons.
Experts say that Narendra Dagar, with his clear vision, is going to be the star of the future.

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