Nilay Chakrapani’s Journey of Turning into Millionaire Technopreneur

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said – “No task is impossible; no path is difficult; if our resolution is strong. We have to be dedicated to making ourselves self-reliant. This magnificent building of self-reliant India will stand on five pillars, namely economy, infrastructure, technology, demography, and demand”.

All these pillars are crucial for the Indian economy, and this something, which is inspiring Nilay Chakrapani. He is a new generation entrepreneur who moves forward and helps the country to be Atmanirbhar.

Nilay Chakrapani is one of the e-commerce whiz who is running a successful business as well as charities. He is one of the renowned entrepreneurs in his late 20s. Every day he consults various brands depending on their digital growth strategies.

He also consults brands looking to expand in the e-commerce markets and trains people to start their dream e-commerce projects. Nilay owes his success to unmatched determination and inspiration from books on popular entrepreneurs.

The story which he carries is something different than rags-to-riches. If building a million-dollar business with having just a few pennies in your pocket does not motivate you, then I don’t know what else can!

A tragic accident happened to change Nilay’s life while he was pursuing IIT-JEE exams. It was his dream, but then he joined the Vellore Institute of Technology for pursuing a B-Tech degree. On the other hand, he needed a job to fulfil his dreams.

During his free time, he read books and blogs to gain knowledge of business and management ideas. Later on, the digital marketing industry motivated his potential. Today, the trade analysts value the industry around $340 billion currently. But, Nilay was already aware of it a decade back when he started his journey in India.

A long time back, he started connecting with social media marketing and the influencers and entrepreneurs. He never discriminated against any of his clients. The company here he was in training was letting go of the small companies due to the reputed ones. This somehow made no sense to him. Then he decided to launch his own business.

As soon as he captured a space in the social media marketing space, he decided to diversify into e-commerce, especially Dropshipping. However, times were difficult back in 2015. There was a limited number of YouTube tutorials and guides on scaling Dropshipping business.

He invested whatever he earned from his clients believing in marketing strategies for his Dropshipping business. During the first six months of his business, he invested almost 1.8 lakh when the business was live. There was a time when he had only 72 bucks in his bank account.

As said, people who persevere only get success, and finally, his hard work paid off. His first e-commerce sale was launched. Later on, he expanded his business to the USA, Canada, UK, and Australian markets.

His next target was the Indian market, and he entered in November 2018. The e-commerce industry was thriving, and 2018 was the best time to enter. He gained almost 30 crores and felt that the present market is filled with opportunities.

Today, he works with many aggregators and solves issues in the Indian e-commerce market. Besides, he also offers training to the consulting brands interested to begin their business.

Currently, his only target is to turn India into a worldwide leader in business. Nilay believes that the Indian e-commerce market has the potential to be self-reliant. This will help the country to build a strong business infrastructure and support a tech-enabled economy.

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