The rise of a social media junkie from NAGARPALIKA – Shahid Alvi Sid stuns the Internet

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Nagarpalika is a meme that took the internet by storm post a video ranting about corruption in the country was uploaded on Youtube and soon became viral where the said protagonist fell in a ditch, the video made the catchphrase ‘Arey, bhai, bhai , bhai ‘viral and since the past 3 years from the time of its release, the memes and catchlines from the 18-second long video are being cherished by millions.

The main protagonist and the individual whose brainchild took the internet by storm is Shahid Alvi, the ace entertainer and the one who created the YouTube channel with his name has today become synonymous with organic and natural satire filled with real life characters of the Indian diaspora.

The USP of his content is that it is very relatable to its audience as it mixes the raw Indian with his perfect delivery timing and never fails to amaze his followers.

The young has since then accumulated millions of followers through his social media and YouTube. Today, he is a star performer and is hailed as one of the top entertainers of the country.

As the reach of his content grows, more and more individuals have began to follow him, he also has a team of his friends who aide him in creating the content that he is most known by today.

His enchanting character and authenticity of thoughts has surely been instrumental in shaping his career whilst maintaining a down-to-earth demeanor.

Today, several meme pages are made on his videos and are going viral at a lightning speed, Shahid Alvi has been revolutionary with his ‘out of the box’ ideation and content selection.

Undoubtedly, the his master content is a treat to the eyes of his followers and continues to be picked up exceptionally.

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