Ananya Pandey On Body Shaming: “People Used To Say I Look Like A Boy, Flat Screen”

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Ananya Panday opened up about how she feels when people body-shame her. She has been trolled in the past for her appearance and social media posts, people criticizing her image used to affect her, but now she focuses on “accepting herself,” according to the actress.

Ananya Panday told the publication, “People used to say I look like a boy, flat screen. At that time, it did hurt because those are the years where you are forming your self-confidence. You are learning to love yourself and someone else is pulling you down then you really start doubting yourself. Now, I am reaching a point where I am focusing on accepting myself and loving myself.”

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“If that is sorted and that is my foundation then nothing can hurt me since I am at peace with myself and I love myself. I am not saying it has happened. It is an ongoing process but I feel this realization is more important than what anyone else says,” Ananya Panday added.

About Campaign By Ananya:

In 2019, Ananya Panday released the So Positive campaign, in which she encouraged her fans and many others to stop bullying on social networking sites. She had been trolled for misspelling “angels” in a “Charlie’s Angels” post with her BFFs Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor earlier that same year.

Last year again, Ananya was harassed and bullied on social media after saying in an interview that her father Chunky Panday has never appeared on Karan Johar’s program or in a Dharma film, just to indicate that “everyone has their own path.”

When she was asked about how the interview affected her, she fearlessly tells about the social media unpleasantness that attacked her. She said in the same interview: “If I said something in an interview, then in the next interview, I will be overly cautious. I would actually say no to a lot of interviews after that, I get this fear of public speaking after that. These kinds of things affect you mentally.”

Talking about her work, Ananya Panday will next be seen in Liger opposite Vijay Deverakonda which is expected to get a release in September this year. This is not the first time when some celeb has talked about the issue and hence, it is a serious concern on the mental state and bad norms society is putting on us.

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