Journey of Kuldeep And Dhawal Opening Dog Home Foundation And Help Street Dogs

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Recently launched foundation on 15th January 2021 named as Dog Home Foundation is all set to create a history in Jodhpur. The Founders Kuldeep and Dhawal explained the functioning of the foundation. Started with the investment of Rs. 10 Lakh and it went up to 50 Lakhs, this foundation is now all set to launch 10 ten hotspots in Jodhpur.

Kuldeep and Dhawal are inspired by their uncle, Shri Shyam Ji Kumbat. Kuldeep further continued about his introduction. He told that he resides in Singapore and does a job, still, whenever he comes to Jodhpur he donates around Rs.2 Cr every year. Kuldeep also explained his experience when he joined his uncle in a donation by donating a small amount. He explained donation as a kind of drug that you cannot resist doing once you have experienced it and this drug is like the best drug ever seen this will give you self-satisfaction, Love, Humanity, etc.  Kuldeep and Dhawal also explained how people just neglect these poor animals. Soon, the founders are going to launch one project related to dogs and bulls. Kuldeep claimed that people only are stuck in the traditional mind-set of helping cows but they should also focus on animals like Bulls and Donkeys. These animals are generally ignored by the government as well. These animals should also be protected. Dog Home Foundation was started with a vision of providing free of cost medical treatment to all the Dog Home Foundation was started with a vision of providing free of cost medical treatment to all the street dogs including some tests like Urine Test, X-Ray Test. Hydrotherapy, a blessing for paralyzed dogs, is also introduced by this foundation.  The treatment is completely free.

The Foundation was started with less investment, said Kuldeep. But soon it was like God opened every other door for their help. The Founders worked day and night for the development of the foundation. Dhawal and Kuldeep said, “Small efforts can create a big change.” They planned this foundation at a very initial stage but now they have the mind-set to spread it among all the cities.

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