Apple Releasing Mixed Reality Headset, AR Glasses, AR Contact Lenses in 2022, 2025, and 2030 Respectively

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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By 2022, 2025, and 2030, Apple may release its proposed mixed reality headset, augmented reality (AR) glasses, and augmented reality contact lenses, respectively. Preparations of Apple for a virtual reality headset and augmented reality glasses have been well-publicized for some time, but the augmented reality contact lenses appear to be a recent development. Industry expert Ming-Chi Kuo officially confirmed the news, adding that the Cupertino-based company’s mixed reality headset would have 15 camera units.

Close Look On The Speculated Apple Products:

Beginning with the rumored mixed reality headset by Apple, a study from 9to5Mac citing analyst Kuo claims that it will include 15 camera modules to allow advanced augmented reality. Eight of these systems are said to be for augmented reality video interactions, six are for “innovative biometrics,” and one is for sensing the surroundings in order to place objects in a specific scene. The components for the headset will be supplied by a Taiwanese company that provides camera lens modules for cameras, according to the analyst.

Apple to release AR headset by 2022 and AR glasses by 2023, report says - CNET

Sony’s Micro-OLED displays, as well as optical modules, may be used in the mixed reality headset. They could be available in 2022 for about $1,000. (roughly Rs. 73,000 in India). According to a separate report from MacRumors, the headset could measure between 100 and 200 grams and include onboard computing and storage. According to reports, the headset could provide a substantially better experience than existing VR devices on the market.

Although there is no prototype for augmented reality glasses yet, the analyst believes they will be available in 2025. In comparison to the mixed reality headset, they are said to have an optical see-through AR experience that would be more like a “mobile” product.

Finally, another article from MacRumors citing Kuo claims that Apple could release augmented reality contact lenses in 2030 and that they would likely lack onboard storing and computing data. However, according to the analyst, the contact lenses are more of a speculation than a confirmed item.

Apple hasn’t revealed much about some of these anticipated goods, and given that some of the expectations are many years out, it’s fair to assume that things will shift and evolve along the way. High user and research in the field of Artificial intelligence and its implementations have resulted in such speculations and there are many more to come. We can, for now, just wait and see what technology has more there to surprise us.

Apple is the most influential and revolutionary company in the field and hence has many eyes are there to see what the company has planned.

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