Influencer Sarvesh Shares His Five-Figure Revenue Generating Content Strategy

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Isn’t it true that the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do?
At a time when the internet, SEO, and digital marketing were Greek and Latin to most,
Sarvesh Shrivastava took the road less traveled. From a small town in Bihar, he has had the fire at the young age of 16 to explore the unexplored. Taking advantage of the technologies available around him, he began his journey as a digital marketer.
In an interview, Sarvesh revealed the reason to choose this field, he said, “I wanted to break down the typical 9 to 5 job stereotypes and do something where I am my own boss. Choosing SEO excited me each day given the challenges Google algorithm poses every now and then.
When a top-notch firm like Google improves constantly, it makes our job as an SEO both
challenging and super exciting.”
Diving right into his journey as a digital marketer, we asked about the pitfalls he faced in the past. While this young digital marketer manages an empire of sites fetching him recurring five-figure revenue each month currently, he did cite obstacles that upgraded his skills and knowledge.
He recollects how it was tough to find a guide to choose a niche, perform optimization, and
rank the site at the top of search results. In the span of a year, he began to understand the
tricks of the trade and began exploring further.
Today, he publishes his experiences and case studies on his personal blog – so he can help those who are just starting!

The Secret Content Strategy to A Recurring Income

Here is Sarvesh sharing a quick case study along with the content strategy.
“Blogging is basically a content-based business. So, just like any other business, it is very
important to focus on the main commodity of that business which is content in this case.”
“One of the best ways to know if your content is good is to read it from the perspective of the person searching it. Would you have been satisfied reading that piece if you were looking for a solution to that specific problem? If the answer is yes, well, and good. But if the answer is no, it’s time to go back to the drawing board, fixing the issues of the content so that it actually helps the reader.”
Sarvesh also shared how he has used the same content strategy over and over again to create sites that he has been able to flip for mid-five figures.
“Although it’s not impossible to rank in tough niches, I strongly advise against it, especially
if you are a newbie to SEO. Hence, it is very important to do your due diligence while selecting a niche or keywords within a niche. The aim should be to find topics that are
underserved i.e. there is a huge scope to write a much better piece on that topic than the
existing ones.”
People are constantly working on acquiring new skills as the market is becoming competitive day by day. To be successful in blogging, you need to have writing skills, the ability to build backlinks, time management skills, and consistency.
Above all, you need to have the mindset of continuing to write your blogs no matter what.
The entrepreneur from Bihar insists on the need to start and pursue consistently in the field in order to be successful.

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