Actor Mithun Chakraborty On Joining BJP: “Call Me Selfish, But…”

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Actor Mithun Chakraborty joined the BJP in Bengal today. He said his decision was motivated by a lifelong desire to support the needy, and that he is optimistic that the party is going to win the state’s assembly election.

The actor told the media after joining the party at a large campaign rally that only a single party is supporting the poor and that if he wants to realize his dream, he needs to hold somebody’s side.

“You can call me selfish or anything else. But the reason behind my selfishness is that I want to be with poor people, I want to fight for them,” Mr. Chakraborty told reporters. He is 70 years old.

Mithun Chakraborty calls TMC stint 'bad decision', still mum on contesting  on BJP ticket - Elections News
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“Since I was 18-years-old, I had a dream that I will stay with the poor people, I will help them, I will get them their due respect,” he added. National Award winning-actor added that even his movies are also about these issues.

More Statements By Mr. Chakraborty:

“BJP is making the government, that’s for sure. And if we can all fulfill the Prime Minister’s dream of a Sonar Bangla, I will be the proudest man,” Mr. Chakraborty adds.

He also said that the BJP’s senior leaders were instrumental in the party’s success in the state. He also expressed trust in the BJP’s ability to win the Bengal elections, which will be held in eight phases beginning March 27.

Mr. Chakraborty, who has never been affiliated with any political party, claims that the Trinamool Congress made him a Rajya Sabha MP and that it was his “wrong decision.”

“I left (as Rajya Sabha MP), I don’t want to point fingers at anyone that it was their fault. It was my bad decision. Let’s end that topic here,” the actor adds.

Mithun Chakraborty left the Trinamool Congress after being identified in the Saradha chit fund case. It was just two years after being elected to the Rajya Sabha. The Enforcement Directorate asked him about the 1.2 crores he got from the Saradha group as payment for being the brand ambassador of a TV news channel that was funded by the Saradha group.

He paid the money back and resigned from both the Rajya Sabha and the Trinamool Congress, citing health reasons.

He went on to say that he has always cared for the poor but he has never made it public.

Jaante to sabhi hai ke dada kya karte hai (Everyone knows what dada does),” he adds. Mr Chakraborty, who has a huge fan following in Bengal, is called “Mithun-da” by everyone.

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