Girls Forced to Dance And Stripped By Cops, Maharashtra Orders Probe

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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The state government of Maharashtra has created a high-level four-member council that will conduct a test in an incident of sexual assault. Maharashtra police officers in an inn at Jalgaon supposedly stripped girls and compelled them to dance. Home Secretary Anil Deshmukh told about the committee formation on Wednesday.

After the opposition figures raised the matter, the Minister released an official statement at the State Assembly.

More About The Incident Of Maharashtra:

Sudhir Mungantiwar, leader of the BJP, attacked the government of Maharashtra, which suggested that it was not serious.

Media reports have shown that girls from a Jalgaon hostel made a complaint that people from outside were allowed to come in and police forced them to strip and dance.

“It is a very unfortunate incident. A four-member high-level committee of officials has been formed to conduct a probe into it… they have been asked to submit a report in two days. Action will be taken as per rules after the report is submitted,” Mr. Deshmukh said.

Before the announcement made by the minister in Maharashtra, Mr. Mungantiwar stated the incident is very sensitive and serious.

Maharashtra: Girls stripped, forced to dance by cops at hostel in Jalgaon;  govt orders probe
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Replying to him, Mr. Deshmukh said, “All information about the incident is being taken. The entire video recording and other documents are sought and statements are being recorded.”

He alleged that the government only noticed such an incident and demanded stricter measures. After gathering information, he said, strict measures will be taken according to rules.

Mr. Mungantiwar opposed this, saying that the police already had all the information about the crime.

“…if the police machinery is not going to take information after spending ₹ 15,000 crores, why this government (is needed then)?” the BJP leader said.

“Our expectation is that you take immediate action sensitively,” the opposition leader said.

BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis said a girl’s short video is a serious issue, who is forced to dance after stripping her, that even by a police officer of Maharashtra.

Women and girls are generally discriminated against and exempted from decisions related to politics and families in Indian society.  Although women have a significant amount of work to do every day to take care of their families, their views are rarely recognized and their rights are limited. And this incident of sexual assault is just too much to handle.

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