Ghulam Nabi Azad Praises PM Modi, A Clarification Released Saying He Was “Misunderstood”

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Days after the admiration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Congress leader Nabi Azad, elements near him have stated that he had been “misunderstood.” His party was stunned by the statements of Modi.

Ghulam Nabi Azad spoke during a public meeting in Jammu, which also held a meeting with dissidents of the Congress in the so-called ‘G-23’ club.

The comments and remarks came weeks after PM Modi emotionally delivered his farewell speech of the Rajya Sabha when the leader of the Congress retired. Today, sources close to Mr. Azad said he did not praise the Prime Minister, that he had been clearly misunderstood and that he would clarify “at an opportune moment”.

“I like lots of things about many leaders. I’m from a village and I feel proud of it. Even our PM (Narendra Modi) is from a village and used to sell tea. We’re political rivals but I appreciate that he doesn’t hide his true self. Those who do are living in a bubble”. Mr. Azad said. 

The Prime Minister’s reference was just an observation as he constantly said that he sold the tea, the sources said.

More About Perspective Of Azad:

In the approaching state elections, Mr. Azad would also campaign for a party to reply to Congressional leaders who attacked dissidents for not supporting the party in voting, instead of criticizing its action publicly.

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He “waits for an election commission’s list of congressional campaigners,” according to the sources.

 Immediately after Mr. Azad was jaw-dropped, another G-23 leader Anand Sharma attacked the decision of the party to unite with the Muslim cleric party of Bengal.

“Congress’s alliance with the ISF and similar parties goes against its core ideology, and the secularism advocated by Gandhi and Nehru, which is the soul of the Congress. These issues should have been discussed by the Congress Working Committee (CWC),” Mr. Sharma tweeted, adding that the Congress’s fight against communalism could not be selective.

Mr. Azad possibly doesn’t totally agree. A CWC meeting for this is “not required at this stage”, said sources close to him.

“If you are referring to certain comments made yesterday, our West Bengal PCC chief has already responded to those comments,” Priyanka Gandhi told.

“But what is being fought for in Assam is Assam itself. It is the identity of Assamese people, the Assamese state. There are differences between ideologies. We may not agree 100% with what our alliance partners believe. But we are together in this fight. Because everybody understands today it is a fight to save Assam,” she said.

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