Ryan Hodge : “Today anyone can become a social media celebrity”

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In conversation with one of the top celebrity social media managers in the UK, Ryan Hodge who has amassed large audiences towards his ‘society first’ approach, shares with us his insights as to how can non-celebrities make their social media profile a success.

Be Yourself – Ryan believes that one cannot pretend to be a certain figure just to catch popularity on social media, he believes that each human being has something different and worth telling the world about, that ” all of us have a different story, a different life, different beliefs” since social media is almost a 24*7 thing, you can’t make up yourself in a certain way because the audience is clever, the key is to be yourself and try to engage with as much conviction as you can to win the hearts of your audience.

Push out entertaining yet constructive content- It is important for people to entertain their audiences but it can be done in constructive ways too, we don’t want to bombard our audience with information because that’s not why they open their apps in the first place, content should be placed in such a manner that it not only gives out a constructive message but also is curated in such a way that it is as per the interests of the target audience, If you find a balance at it, you would never falter.

Be versatile and consistent- Versatility means that you experiment with different formats and methods to give informative yet engaging content, today there is no dearth of ways to make your content stand out, short videos, posters, stories, infographics, the choices are many and so is the taste of the viewers, being a content creator you must always consistently come up with ideas that inspire people to look up to you each day.

These are some of the ways through which people are increasingly building their audience on the web and like Ryan, leading people to be more constructive and efficient to move towards their life goals and closer to the combined goals of our society as a whole.


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