I Am A Completely Opposite Person In Real Life Than Reel, Nikita Soni Opens Up On Film Rosh

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Nikita Soni, the dazzling actress shares her excitement of working again with her debut production house, Mates entertainment, this time in a Dark film which will test her versatility as an actress.

Sharing her insights about the upcoming film which was previously titled “Sorry, I am late”, but later renamed to ‘Rosh’, the gorgeous actress revealed that this one of the biggest projects of her career and that she was excited to be working with gifted actors which included Allu Ashish, Muzahid Khan, Alina and Mithun Chakravarty’s son Mimoh Chakraborty and being directed by the supremely talented, Jayeveer Panghaal.

Nikita debuted in the year 2018 and has seen steady success since then, she is one of the most looked upto actresses today on which she says,” I am overwhelmed with the kind of support I have received from the industry and my audience, their support is what makes me want to take up more challenging and different roles, this time, the role that I will be doing in ‘Rosh’ will be completely opposite to my personality in real life and that is why I have to prepare even harder for it”.

“My character is called Ronika, who is a unconventional and a headstrong woman. She is wild and doesn’t like listening to anyone and this kind of personality is hard to acquire when you have been the opposite throughout your life. But I am ready to take the challenge and hence I am putting extra effort at doing justice to my on screen character, I am training really hard it in the gym and practising careful diets so that I can also make my physique look like the character and I am sure all this will pay off”, Nikita adds.

Talking about her co-stars in ‘Rosh’, Nikita recalls,” All of them are very skillful at what they do, so it will really be a learning experience for me, Mimoh aka Mahaakshay Chakraborty is quite an experienced actor and I am looking forward to sharing the space with him, Allu Ashish, Mujahid and Alina are also very gifted with their performance and overall I feel very positive about working on this project. In this movie there two famous singer also contribute Jubin Nautiyal And Pranav Singhal”.

” My last few films revolved around different themes including horror, romance etc, but this time it is going to be dark, I believe as an actor, it is my responsibility to give my audience different characters which also make me develop as a film star, my journey has been full of such opportunities and I believe this move will be pathbreaking in the league, doing a dark character tests your dynamism as an actor and I am ready to do that for my audience”, she adds.

Nikita made a smashing debut by a horror film called ‘I know you’ with the same production house with whom she has collaborated again for this breakthrough movie, talking about this she says,” Mates Entertainment is like a family to me now, I like to work with them again and again is because they have the most supportive crew and because they are one of the most professional people who have a different vision to look at cinema, which really thrills me”.

“Jayeveer Panghaal is truly a visionary, I have had the opportunity of working with him on my debut film and I was more than happy to be doing another project with him since his ideas and methodology as a director have always been top notch, he is very smart when it comes to understanding the nuances of each scene and is quite fun to work with”, says Nikita on the question of working with ace director Jayeveer Panghaal.

At such a young age, Nikita has not only set benchmarks of versatility with her roles for herself but for others to look upto, today, she is admired by scores of her fans and is consistently giving performances that are unconventional, this is rare today since actors are mostly focused on building a specific image, the project ‘Rosh’ was announced few months back when it was titled “Sorry, I am late”, but due to some creative reasons the makers changed the name of the movie to ‘Rosh’, the cast and crew of the movie has been finalised and the movie will be rolled in full swing in the near future.

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