AMD to launch Radeon RX 6700 series GPUs by the end of March

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The GPU battle is heating up between AMD and Nvidia. The next road map of Nvidia is out in the open, and we know that the green team is preparing to launch its new RTX 3060 cards by the end of this month. Now that Nvidia has revealed its next move, it is time for tam Red to take the next step. And team red is ready for the big reveal.

It seems that AMD was indeed preparing for Nvidia to reveal all its cards so that it can strike hard. According to sources, Advanced Micro Devices will release its next entry, the Radeon RX 6700 mid-range GPUs in March.

The company was supposed to release the product during CES 2021, but it deliberately withheld the release of the line-up. It is pretty obvious why it did this. French publication Cowcotland somehow received word that the RX 6700 series is to be launched on March 18, exactly 3 weeks after the RTX 3060 launch.

Sources also indicate that AMD is expected to announce the RX 6700 GPUs’ laptops version, but whether they will be launched together with the desktop versions is not yet known. Reports suggest that the company will launch the mobile equivalent for the desktop RX 6700 XT with specs that include 40 computer units with 2560 stream processors, up to 12 GB of GDDR6 VRAM and a 192-bit memory bus. A non-XT desktop version with only 6 GB of VRAM, and dynamic TGP running between 146 and 156 W is also rumoured to be launched.

As we already know, currently, the world is facing a shortage of semi-conductor, and manufacturers across the world are banding together to solve this global crisis. As such, the French publication Scotland states that the RX 6700 XT cards will be “very limited”.


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